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As UCR considers deployment options relating to the new portal environments, there are two important considerations that any governance policy / process must consider:

  1. The governance policy / process must allow key departments/units enough direct access to the new portal communications tools to lessen the use of Scotmail and keep the portal content current, fresh, and interesting.
  2. The governance policy / process must provide enough control / training / oversight to ensure the new portal communications tools don't become new sources of "campus spam".

It is the role of the Staff Portal Publishers to address these two key portal content needs: to create timely, interesting, and relevant information to be displayed on the portal while not posting information that campus staff will consider “spam”.

Portal Authors and Publishers

UCR’s Staff Portal Infrastructure supports two groups of users that create and publish portal content.  The first group may create content and are known as portal Authors (e.g. for the most part, these are the same individuals who are currently creating Scotmails).  The second group of users (a very limited number of users) may publish this portal content and are known as portal Publishers.

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